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Curated Finish Selection 2

Choosing finishes for a new home can be a daunting process.

Having a GMI Design Group designer assist you during your finish selection makes ths process stress-free and saves you time!

In this package, our award-winning designers will select products from your builder's preferred vendors to create three curated designer-looks for two spaces, or two looks for three spaces.
The finish selections are then added to highly detailed renderings, helping you see how your spaces will look. We will add these options to your project folder here on MyDoma, and have samples made available for your in-person viewing at the associated showrooms.
Want to make finish selection run smoother and easier than ever?
Click the Purchase button above to schedule our designer-driven finish selection package!

We will:

  • Gathering floor plans, pricing grids & vendor lists to prep for builder's preferred lines
  • Sourcing Products for finish packages
  • Add products to Mydoma for ease of builder reference
  • Organize products by room & Include all product data
  • Create Color Renderings to show difference in design options